Guides to Growth

Key Insight on Marketing in MedTech

Access to MD Decision Makers is Limited…
& Shrinking

Challenge #1
Hospital administrators limit access industry reps have to physicians & other decision makers. COVID-19 has recently exasperated this challenge.

We target and market to these individuals directly, across multiple platforms. This allows us to circumvent traditional sales avenues.

Challenge #2
Productivity goals & increasing EMR expectations make it more difficult for physicians to spend time with sales professionals.

By automating the marketing and follow up process, we can help to enable massive growth within existing sales infrastructure.

Challenge #3
Employment agreements with IDNs are impacting physician willingness to demand new technologies, thus stifling innovation and growth.

Delivering product information and sales messaging directly to physicians and other key decision makers. This enables med tech companies of all sizes direct market access.

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Jairus was Built to Replace Traditional & Digital Physician Based Marketing

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